3H Club 2021-22

3H Club 2021-22

Join us most Sundays  2-4pm for "Horsemanship", "Honors" and "Hangout"!  (hence the name 3H Club).  If there are 5 Sundays in a month 1 of them will be used as a Test Day for those wanting to move up a Level.

3H meetings include:

*unmounted Horsemanship instruction  2-3pm (Groom/tack, kinds of tack and care, Clipping, blanketing, feeds and rations, basic care including heart and breath rates, deworming, and discussion of vaccinations, coggins test, teeth float; protective booting, leg wraps basic wound care and more!)

*Honors and Hangout from 3-4pm:  Fairhaven offers a Levels based teaching curriculum.  If you decide to participate, you will receive certificates as you move up the levels.  We finish with a Hangout time where all ages, from all areas and school districts, of all levels hang out and talk about their week, their riding and horses in general!!

  • Product Info:

    This program is meant to enhance the overall knowledge and experience of the well rounded horse person.  Learn not only how horses think, respond, and survive in this world of humans but also receive honors for your progress!!

  • Jan 2, 9, 16, 23 (No 3H 30th: Tent Special Event)

    Most Sundays 2-4.  In the event I am offsite for a Judging contract, clinic, Coaching, Show commitment, we will reschedule to another date so please confirm beforehand if you are planning on participating.  This also helps me know how many snacks to provide.

  • Time:

    2pm-3pm Horsemanship class

    3pm-4pm Hangout and occationally Honors celebration.