#1 Boarding w/training/instruction

#1 Boarding w/training/instruction

.* Full board includes labor, stall, water, grass/hay seasonally, up to 6 lb per day supplimental food to maintain weight (extra available for an additional fee). 1 sheet change (on/off) per day.


This price includes one package of Flex lessons at a reduced price, to be used the same month as board by the horses owner (See the lesson page for restrictions and details).


If you are unable to make your repeating lesson, we can substitute a 30 minute private session with your horse (for example: grooming, bathing, hand grazing if injured, in hand work, backing up hills, non tacked longing session).


If you prefer more flexibility, see #2 Boarding Option for custom/non repeating 1 hour private appointments.


NOTE: Everything is customizable and additional lessons or training rides, private or semi-private turnout, blanketing, additional feed and/or services may be purchased "a la cart" (individually).

Price Options
Reg Stall+lesson
Auto pay --6 mo minimum
$645.00monthly/ auto-renew
Large Stall+lessons
Large stall req for 16h+,cribbers, weavers
$695.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • Lots of Turnout time

    In order to increase gut motility, natural foraging habits, increase circulation leading healthier hoof growth and  prevent "stocking up" horses are out in good weather and stalled during lightnening, high winds, driving rain, and/or slippery conditions.  

  • Separated Mare/Geldings

    Horses are generally seperated by mare/gelding and in small heards. 

  • Extra Horse related Storage

    Additional storage in loft available for off season blankets.  You may also store your trailer here and keep things in it.  

  • Supplements policy

    Fairhaven will feed one owner supplied supplement per day. If your horse gets more than one supplement per day you need to order through SmartPak and we will peel one sleeve of supplements per day for you.