Occasional Visits

Occasional Visits

Whether you are an occasional rider, visitor from out of town or a beginner with "Ride a horse" on your bucket list, we welcome your visit and want to help you acheive your goals! 

If you are choosing this opton you are probably not a repeating weekly visitor and will need extra help getting your horse ready.  Not a problem!!  If we have openings in the schedule we'd love to have you join us. 


*If you are a beginer you will typically do a private session and if you demonstrate a stable position and control of your horse, you have the option of leaving the arena and continueing the lesson on a trail.  If you have a good bit of riding experience and want a beginner to join us, they will require a side walker for their safety and will pay full price.

*Schedule permitting, I will teach two beginners at the same time at a discounted rate initually using one horse and as their skill set and safety around horses developes, move to two horses.  Trail riding with two beginners is not an option but may become an option in the future as they gain balance and control of their own bodies and the horse.

  • Rescheduling Policy

    This appointment is allowed one reschedule.  No rescheduling a reschedule.  

  • Cancellation

    This package requires 48 hours minimum to reschedule and the new appointment must be used within the month.  No rescheduling a reschedule.  

  • More than 1 rider?

    Total beginner riders do not have have the skills to get on and off a horse and safely go on a tr.ail ride.  As the horse's Advocate, I insist beginners learn how to get on and off without kicking the horse  or pulling on its mouth; how to respectfully go, stop, turn left and right at a walk and demonstrate these skills in an enclosed arena before a trail ride is even an option.    If you have worked with me before and I agree that you are an independent rider, you may ride at the same time as a beginner family member.  All rides are geared towards the safety needs of the "least" rider.  If two beginners want to lesson simultaneously, trail riding is not an option until they gain control of the horse as mentioned above.