Daily Board

Daily Board

Fairhaven offers short term boarding for a variety of activities: Haul in Lessons, Academy shows and clinics.  For Bio secure reasons your horse will not be in a stall or turned out where they can touch noses with another horse so space is limited and must be coordinated well in advance.   This option similar to a horse show.  Your supplies, your labor, your feed and hay.    Unlike a horse show, you will arrive with a starter load of shavings already in the stall and may add 1 wheelborrow if needed every other day at no additional charge.


  • Lots of Turnout time

    In order to increase gut motility, natural foraging habits, increase circulation leading healthier hoof growth and  prevent "stocking up" horses are out in good weather and stalled during lightnening, high winds, driving rain, and/or slippery conditions.  

  • Serarated Mare/Geldings

    Horses are generally seperated by mare/gelding and in small heards. 

  • Storage

    Additional storage in loft available for off season blankets.

  • Lesson Appointment

    Lessons will be assigned to a mutually agreeable repeating day and time and stay the same.  Schedule permitting, you may shift your ride time/day no more than once every 90 days.  Appointments are rain or shine.  In good weather we ride and in less desireable weather we do unmounted horsemanship lessons.  Beginners will do a 30 minute private lesson until they are ready to be introduced to a suitable group lesson.  If you want a 1 hour private lesson see our visit the farm appointments.