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Join Fairhaven Farm for our 2021 Summer Activities.  

Whether you are looking for a show, a camp; an adult who finally has the time to realize a dream or an experienced rider looking to take it to the next level, Fairhaven's ARIA Certified  Instructor, skilled assistants and

well trained horses can guide you and help you achieve your goals.



Kimberly Wallace has 36 years of experience training and riding in Europe and America with some of the greatest masters of our time.  Here at Fairhaven we have teachers hearts -- WE KNOW HOW TO TEACH!! 

We explain not only HOW to do something but WHY -- and HOW horses think and process information. 

We are known for getting to the root of a problem and being excellent communicators to help you "ride the solution".  

We have extensive backgrounds starting and

bringing along young and /or re-schooling projects.


We are hosting youth club type activities and schooling shows here at Fairhaven to provide learning experiences at prices substantially less than you would pay for off site activities, recognized shows. 

Additionally we offer non jumping and jumping levels

that include lower than standard.  


Maiden, pre-amoeba, amoeba, tadpole, BN, Novice, Training)


Fairhaven Test 1 Walk and Halt only

Fairhaven Test 2 Walk, Trot on straight lines and halt.

USDF Intro A- Walk, Trot on a circle and Halts.

Intro B - Walk, more trot on a circle and Halts.


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