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Photos from off site competitions areound Area III


About Kimberly

Here at Fairhaven, we promote the concepts of classical riding.  For me, classical riding means using and teaching methods that have been around since the early beginnings of riding, and not anything that's "trendy" or for style only and has no purpose.   Although I am aware of and respect the differences between disciplines and teach my students those differences, regardless of discipline, the basics of good riding are the same (universal).   Since the time of Xenophon, good riders have promoted the concept of "for the good of the horse" and here at Fairhaven, we don't and won't teach anything that contradicts that.  


I have competed through the Preliminary level of Eventing, am a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist, was 2019 #10 USDF Grand Prix rider in the nation in my age group, and 2019 GDCTA Grand Prix Reserve Champion.  I am certified by American Riding Instructor Association (ARIA). I am a participant in part 1 of the USDF "L" Judge Training Program and look forward to part 2 coming to our area to be completed.


Lessons at Fairhaven usually alternate between flat, stadium, xc, conditioning and/or a combination of two   We often incorporate games into the lessons for our younger riders to reinforce proper riding techniques in a fun way.

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