Kinder Rides: are short introductory rides typically for riders 6 and under and resemble the 5 minute pony ride at the fair but are longer (20-30 min).  They are intended to be an affordable and fun and include both mounted and un-mounted instruction.  It is normal and healthy for a child to be reserved around the pony and it is our job to not only educate them how to behave safely around horses but also what behavior is normal to expect from a well behaved horse.  Some "first meetings" are spent just petting and brushing the pony while others are ready to get on and want to know when they get to jump!!!  Often children are mature for their age and want to stay longer and ride more.  If this is the case with your child you will want to sign up for regular, longer, more serious lessons.  Regardless of age, when the kinder riders are ready to start steering, and learning to post trot, it will be discussed to graduate them to a regular lesson.


Here at Fairhaven, we believe in the well round horseman.  During inclement weather we still meet at our scheduled time and go over grooming, tacking, nutrition, veterinary care, show prep, tack selection and care, etc, appropriate for the level of the lesson.


In addition to my skills and experience as an instructor, it is imperative that I also provide a fit, healthy, suitably trained, suitably sized horse/pony, with suitable tack for the lesson.  In order to plan what horses are needed on the farm for the week/month, all lessons must be prepaid either on line, or with check or cash at the beginning of the month.


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