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Leasing vs. buying a horse

Here at Fairhaven, we offer full and shared "care leases" to suitable clients who lesson with me at least 1x/week.  A care lease vs. a paid lease means you're splitting the board and care fees but there is no actual "lease fee". 


If you were to buy a horse, you have the initial up-front purchase price (usually very similar to the cost and quality of car when you compare age, skills, and price) PLUS monthly board, prorated farrier, vaccinations, Coggins, deworming, chiropractor, dentist, tack, sheets/blankets etc.   The typical horse owner who does not show averages 2-3 rides a week.  By share leasing, you have access to a horse the same number of times per week without the purchase price and only half the other expenses.   I budget $520 per month for these expenses so half that is only $260!!!


Another benefit to full or share leasing is if you are still learning and/or growing the horse you need now is quite different horse than you will need next year, possibly even in 6 months!!  Most people get attached to their first horse and find it emotionally difficult to sell in order to buy a mount that's better suited to their new skills.   If you share lease a horse, your lease horse doesn't get sold when you move up.  He/she will stay on the farm but be ridden by other riders and you are financially free to move to another horse.  


Bonus Facts: 

* Additionally, ONE horse share leased by two parties will get looked at (hooves picked, coat brushed, etc) twice as much!!

* As your skills increase you can change horses instead of being locked into the one you bought til you hit a learning plateau or you ride more than 3 times a week at which time, its more cost effective to buy.

* 1 horse on the farm vs. two decreases the wear and tear on the farm including fence repairs, over grazing the pastures, jump and arena repairs; stall maintenance, leveling, door repairs, etc.

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