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Weekly repeating & "Pay as you go" Horseback Riding Appointments

Three Horses
  • Test Lesson

    If you subscribe to lesson package before you leave its free
    Valid for one week
    • 1hr mix of horse time & asking questions about our programs!
    • Limited to 1 session per immediate family (siblings/mom/dad)
    • Great way to try us before committing to lessons/camp
  • Best Value

    Monthly Subscription (2 mo minimum)

    Every month
    Expanded Learning Opportunities at a discount!!
    • 2 mo min offers stability to everyone (you, us & the horses!
    • 2 repeating appts/wk provide simplified scheduling
    • Your payment =you understand & agree to terms listed below
    • Huge Discount for prescheduled appts
    • Free 3H Club Meeting 2nd Sunday ea month (except holidays)
    • Bonus/built in make ups 5th wk if they occur on your day
    • 1 Free Practice Ride /Month if you are an independent Rider
    • Free Weekly Practice Grooming & Prep if not independent yet
    • Your CC statement will read NOT Fairhaven Farm
    • 2 wk minimum notice to cancel your subscription (I turn off)
  • 4x1-hr appt/payment (2 mo min)

    Every month
    Increased Flexibility & longer lesson
    • Schedule your 4 appts @beginning of each 4 wk rotation
    • Price includes haul in fee or my recommended horse.
    • 4 pre scheduled lessons; NOT necessarily repeating day/time
    • Reschedule with 48 hour min notice
    • No rescheduling a reschedule
    • Two week min notice before next payment to cancel.
    • Lessons & reschedules are schedule permitting
    • All lessons must be completed w/in 30 day period of purchase
    • Your CC statement will read "" not Fairhaven Farm
    • When you pay, it means you have read & understand the terms
  • Homeschool and Horses

    Every month
    All the benefits of the $249 Lesson Package bundled into 1 day a week!
    • Mounted &unmounted inst; Group fun!!
    • Currently Thursdays 10a-1p
    • Minimum 2 month subscription
    • Give me 30 days notice to turn your subscription off.
  • 3H Club

    (Horses, Horsemanship, and Hangout).
    • Horsemanship (groom, tack, feed, nutrition, saddle fit, etc)
    • Mounted game between horsemanship activities
    • Lead line ride for non independent riders
    • Barn buddy bonding while learning about horses!
    • Bring your own snacks/drink or something to share!
    • Generally 2nd Sunday 2-4pm. Cancelled/Resch for holidays
    • Keep an eye on our fb page "Fairhaven Farm" for details
  • 1hr Session 1 Person

    One hour session for one person
    • One hour private for one person
    • Includes horse, tack, grooming supplies & helmet as necc.
    • Available as a package with Boarding (Bundle discount)
    • Outside horses welcome & price incl arena fee.
  • 1hr Session 2 People

    One hour session for two people
    Valid for 6 months
    • 1 hour of mounted and/or unmounted instruction for 2 people
    • Once you can safely control your mount, trails are an option
    • #200 max weight for mounted instruction on my horse.
    • Semi private option gives $20 discount
  • Bronze Extra Ride Subscription -1x/wk

    Every month
    Add'l practice rides on top of your lesson pkg (not included)
    • Practice what you're working on in class!
    • Access to pool of lesson horses w/out the expense of owning!
    • Assigned (independent) riders must be current in lessons.
    • Horse assigned by your instructor based on availability
    • Due to busy schedule, missed appt don't roll over.
    • Only student may ride the horse (not family or friends)
    • With your lesson package this will equal 1 Practice Ride/wk
    • All riders and guests must have a current waiver on file
    • All riders and guests agree to follow farm and barn rules
  • Silver Extra Ride Subscription- 2x/wk

    Every month
    Perfect for the rider looking to accelerate their learning curve! (Base pkg purchased first)
    • Access to our pool of schoolmasters without the expense!
    • Assigned student must be current in weekly lessons
    • With your lesson package this will equal 2 practice rides/wk
    • Only assigned student may ride mount (not family/friends)
    • All riders and guests must have a current waiver on file
    • All riders and guest agree to follow Farm and Barn rules
  • Gold Extra Ride Subscription

    Every month
    Purchase extra riding time in addition to your baseline lesson package!
    • Incl your lesson pkg, this will = 2 lessons & 1 practice/wk
    • Participant must be current in lessons for the practice ride
    • Only participant may ride mount (not family/friends)
    • All riders and guests must have a current waiver on file
    • All riders and guests must follow farm and barn rules
    • Due to busy schedule, missed appt don't roll over

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