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Price Groups: * 0-$5k  **$5k-$10k  ***$10k-$15k   ****$15-$20k   *****$20k & above

Onsite leases available.  Rates depend on horse and training program

4yo Grade QH type 14.2 hh. Started as a 3yo and was solid at all three gaits. He was purchased from trainer for a 16 yo who's 20yo horse had just died, as a project to bring along. You guessed it---his training started to deteriorate. He was brought to me for a tune up and I recommended they sell or trade him because said daughter is only an advanced beginner novice type, and is also 5'9! This cool guy is now back on track and is really fun. Starting elastic exercises (lengthen/contract/lengthen) in all three gaits, leg yielding, pivot, quarter turns, turn on FH and haunches; Good on both leads but needs a little support for balance at canter on 20m circles. Quick learner (pic is from his first session going through a jumps chute). Beautiful tight knees and really enjoyed it! Very prompt "whoa" and understanding of lateral work for his age. Trail rides quietly; No hesitation over water, bank up/down. He leads, ties, stands politely and eagerly jumps right onto the trailer.


Call or text 706-506-3382.  $5500. Price will increase with training.

Very sweet 15.2+hh Appendix 2005 mare.  (See jpg posters to read amazing details on sire Bett Ohio!!) extensive show experience as hunter, 3rd Level Classical dressage, Level 4 Western Dressage, mounted police training, Hunter Paces, Trails and XC jumping.  Not spooky.  Single flying lead changes are clean (mostly auto while jumping).  She has is an honest jumper and has NEVER stopped at a jump.  Quiet at smaller jumps and more energetic (but not dragging) to the higher the jumps.  Has schooled through 3'9 with professional.   Careful honest stadium.  

Easy keeper.  Great hooves. Current vaccinations etc.  Cribs but not with collar.  

ruby 2x closeup red crop close.faceblock
Ru at show.jpg
Ru jumping show 2.crop.jpg
Ruby sire stallion info pg 1.jpg
Ruby sire stallion info Black pg 1.jpg


Donnerdream: 2014 ISR Oldenburg filly.

Additional pics are of black Sire: Don De Marco and gray Dam: Donnadora. Donnerschlag (Sire of Donnerhall) on both top and bottom. Strong D lines make her kind and willing.  Elastic gaits are smooth as glass.  

Has never bucked. *EVER*.

Solid w-t-c,, serpentines, leg yielding, should fore, lengthening/compressing.  This filly was raised meticulously to be either my sound partner or someone else's.  1.5 years of walking on trails (in straight lines).  No concussive/trot work until approved by the vet.  I will not start jumping her until she quits growing.  Currently 16.1hh.  Pics from free jump session are the ONLY times she has jumped.  

Dream up trans.png

2010 16hh Quiet, never raced TB. 

Casual jumping, hunter paces, trails, walk-a-bouts for 4 years.  Now with professional rider learning dressage, xc and stadium courses.  Gentle steady personality around the barn and in work.  Willing, quick learner.  Quiet alone or in company.  No vices/bad habits.  Current shots.  My farrier says "the best TB hooves I've ever seen!" 

Kody collage.jpeg


May 2002 NA/WPN filly out of Lesley W by the KWPN stallion Olympic Jazz (son of Cocktail).

"Ginny" is a striking chestnut with a blaze and three stockings and looks similar to her half-brother Titanium.

She was presented at the NA/WPN Keuring in October, 2002 where she received a 1st Premium.

Ginny has had approximately one year of professional training and she is cooperative and easygoing under saddle. Ginny took a break from training to have a foal in 2007 by Thatcher.

Charleston ZF was named the No. 1 dressage foal for the KWPN-NA for 2007.

Ginny can return to training, be used as a valuable addition to a breeding program, or do both.

Ginny's sire, the Keur stallion Olympic Jazz, showed a great deal of dressage talent at his performance test with scores of Walk 8, Trot 9.5, Canter 8.5, and Ability as dressage horse 9. He has gone on to make the most out of his natural talents by moving up the dressage performance roster. In 2002 he came in overall 4th place under Tineke Bartels in the Dutch National Dressage Championships and was selected as the alternate for the Dutch team for the World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain. With new rider Kirsten Beckers of the Broere Stud, Jazz has been showing at Grand Prix in 2005 with recent results of 5th in the Dutch Dressage Championships in June, Grand Prix Champion at the CDIO Rotterdam in June and 5th at CDI Arnheim in July. By virtue of this success, Broere Jazz was named to the Dressage A team for the Netherlands and will be the alternate team for the European Championships in

Hagen, Germany in July, 2005. $9500


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