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Training & Show Fees

Updated: 2/17/2023.  With the cost of fuel and supplies varying widely, prices are subject to change.  Please confirm pricing and availability with Fairhaven Farm before entering a show.

**Show fees are payable directly to the show organizer.  Please put "Fairhaven" in the "Stabling with______" area.

**Coaching on your horse or Lease Horse**

Schooling Show Coaching $50 each competitor per day.

Recognized Show Coaching $75 each competitor per day.

$250 minimum per day coaching or above prices whichever is greater.

All expenses (hotel and meals for example) are split amongst competitors if I'm not showing.   

If I'm showing I will pay for my own food and stay in my trailer.

**Coaching and Fairhaven Horse Rental Package:

$200 per competitor per day includes Coaching and commonly needed travel items (Safety vest, shipping boots, hay net, food from home, hay net, tack, buckets).  


**Hauling your horse or lease horse**

$50 Hook up/unhook shared plus $3.307/mile each way shared.

**Please note**

Clients hauling in my rig will load/unload horse and equipment and helps clean trailer when finished.  All borrowed items must be returned in as good or better condition, cleaned and conditioned. If you are unable to do some or all, the following fees apply:

$30 each end load/unload horse and help clean trailer


$20 for Fairhaven to clean tack.

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