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Animal brown horse

Choose your pricing plan

Find one that works for you

  • Daily Boarding

    Super choice for a short visit.
    Valid for one week
    • We provide the stall/shavings. You provide the labor & food
    • Current neg coggins & vacc sent 1 wk prior to arrival
  • Best Value

    #1 Board+Lesson Pkg

    Every month
    Bundle Price includes reg lesson package at $50 discount
    • See our Monthly Subscription lesson package for details
    • Up to 6# feed/day. More available at market rates.
    • 1/2 Last months board required as deposit
    • 30 days notice required before departure
    • Deposit refunded at departure if all bills paid.
    • Monthly billings not prorated.
    • Horses turned out in good or moderate weather
    • Horses stalled: Cold or driving rain, lightning, strong wind
    • Only Boarder and immediate family may ride (per insurance)
    • Only Fairhaven Staff teaching (per insurance).
    • Your CC statement will read "" not Fairhaven Farm
    • When you sign up for this you agree to terms and limitations
  • #2 Boarding&1hr appt

    Every month
    Boarding w/ 4x 1 hour private lessons/30 days
    • Bundle your board and 4 appointments and receive a discount
    • *Pre schedule* 4x 1 hr appointments.
    • 1 Reschedule allowed per month with 24hr notice.
    • Exchg 1 appt for training w/24 notice, schedule permitting
    • Weekly sessions must be used within the month.
    • Horses stalled in driving/cold rain, high winds, lightning.
    • Horses turned out for gut motility, frog/blood circulation
    • Up to 6 # of feed per day plus hay/grass seasonally
    • Extra feed available at current market prices.
    • Dewormer required every 2 months. $10 fee to administer.
    • Barn farrier every 6 weeks. $10 holding fee.
    • Small groups separated into mare & gelding groups
    • No prorated months.
    • 1/2 mo deposit refunded at departure if all bills are paid
    • 30 days notice required b4 dept so I can advertise opening
    • Only boarder & immediate family may ride (per insurnace)
    • Only Fairhaven instructors teaching (per insurance)
    • When you purchase this product you agree to all above terms
    • Your CC statement will read "" not Fairhaven Farm
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