What kind of care does Fairhaven Offer?

Fairhaven's Basic Full Board is a good, common sense place to start but is fully customizable to meet your and your horses needs.  Like children, horses don't always make the best decisions regarding their own safety and are known to run and play in slippery conditions, overgraze dormant pastures until they kill the grass, stand out in the lightening despite the danger, among other things.  With basic board we try and balance the emotional and physical needs of the horse with safety and common sense.  While we try and give your horse as much turnout as possible to encourage gut motility and blood circulation especially in the legs, full boarded horses are brought in during extreme conditions including, but not limited to, slippery, extreme heat/cold, snow, ice, heavy rain etc. Full Boarded horses have access to:  1-3 acres of 3 board fenced paddocks or pastures with water and either grass or hay depending on the season; a stall with shavings; a storage cubby in your stall for grooming supplies; saddle and bridle storage;  a storage box for cubby overflow and space in the loft for off season items; and trailer parking.

Fairhaven feeds up to 6 pounds of feed per day divided into two feedings along with 1 customer supplied supplement or multiple supplements in 1 smartpak container and customer supplied fly spray in the mornings. Also included in basic board is all the labor and supplies needed to maintain the stall, feed the horse and an observant owner who hardly leaves the farm 24/7.  For safety, horses are kept in small groups, usually 2, based on their gender, age and disposition.  Keeping their natural herd instincts in mind, we make sure they all have visibility to other groups.

Does Fairhaven offer blanketing?

Often, horses that are in a consistent, heavy work regime are body clipped to expedite the evaporation of the sweat after their workouts. Because we have removed a large portion of the horses natural protection against cold and wet we are obligated to replace their coat with sheets and blankets depending

on the temperatures. Fairhaven full board pricing includes 1 blanket change per day for clipped horses. $20/month for each additional blanket. Horses not in an intensive training program, not currently showing and pasture boarded horses should not be clipped and therefore dont need blanketing unless they dont have any trees or manmade shelter for a windbreak and shade. 

Does Fairhaven offer additional services?

Additional services and feed are available for a fee:  extra blanket changes; Private or specialized turnout; Custom feed, supplements, grooming, etc.  If you don't see what you need just let me know and I can work up a package for you.


How Much is Boarding?

Fairhaven is predominantly an Equine Education Facility and encourage you to participate in lessons, training and clinics. Student Boarders in the lesson program, horses shared with the lesson program, riders whose horses are in training prepay a discounted price of $395 per month (plus your lesson or training package) prepaid on or before the 1st of the month.

Non participating board is $445/month prepaid.  If there is a hay shortage or other temporary price increase there may be a temporary surcharge added to cover the (hopefully) temporary price increase.

During fly season all horses get Simplifly feedthrough Larvacide to keep the flies at bay.  This currently runs $15/month which is super economical compared to a weekly bottle of fly spray which average $20/bottle!!

A la Carte Stall Rental for visiting horses (your feed, hay and labor) is: $25/date or $125/week. 


When do I arrive/depart?

Here in Rome we have many college students who go back home at the end of the school year and take their horses with them.  if we have space, you can arrive in the middle of the month and I will prorate your month for the remaining days, but, the subsequent board is due on or before the 1st of the month .  The horse world has the same etiquette as other polite society in that it is standard procedure and required to give 30 days written notice before leaving.  It is also standard procedure that you cant remove your horse unless all your bills are paid in full.  As soon as you give notice, I will advertise that I have an opening the 1st of the following month.  If all your bills are paid in full you can leave in the middle of the month but the final month will not be prorated, as I wont be able to fill the spot until the first.

Due to Insurance restrictions the following policies need to be strictly observed

**Only Fairhaven instructors and approved instructors/clinicians are allowed to teach on Fairhaven property and must have prior approval.  Unless a horse is in the lesson program, horses may only be ridden by immediate family members. 

Fairhaven requires a release/waiver to be signed for all persons handling and/or riding horses prior engaging in an equine related activity.**