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2021-2022 Pricing

Monthly Repeating Appointments
(See below for Non repeating option)
Receive a huge discount if  you make a repeating appointment (same day of the week and same time).  Each month is the same price.  If there is a 5th week on your day consider this a free bonus if you've made all the other lessons or a make up if you've missed one!  In exchange, we meet rain or shine and do mounted lessons in good weather and horsemanship/unmounted lessons when the weathers less than ideal.  

Repeating Appointment Options:
1x/week:  $200/month ($217 value) includes 5th week when the occur. 
30 min private for beginners or 1 hour group for independent riders (solo prep and care of horse before and after lesson).  Rain or shine. 
Coming soon: Subscription payments for $160/month

2x/week:  $390/month ($433 value).  includes 5th week when the occur
Coming soon: Subscription payments for $350/month

Our program is a levels based, all around program and we offer "levels certificates and awards".  Both English and Western Riders are eligible to move up the levels.  There are 4 basic levels, and each level is subdivided 3 more times.  English riders do not have to jump to move up the levels.  When you are interested in testing to move up a level, you will need to plan on participating on a test day and completing both a mounted and written/oral test.   Successfully moving up within a level earns a certificate.   Successfully moving up an entire *LEVEL* earns you a lapel pin.  Awards ceremonies will be held up to 1x/month as necessary.  In addition to the sheer honor and pride felt from this achievement, higher rated riders receive more and more privileges' requiring a higher level of judgement, knowledge and experience.  Examples include, graduating from private to group lessons, the option to ride out of the ring on a practice ride, do off site shows, share-lease a lesson horse...... 
Non repeating Appointments:
*This is a good option if you are traveling from out of town and need to be able to reschedule
(Minimum 24hr notice required so I can try and fill your spot). 
*This is also a good option if you'd really like to just dabble with horses in a relaxing beautiful setting.....Perhaps you want to check off an item on your bucket list.......  If you've never ridden, expect to do a little brushing to get familiar with your mount and how they respond to the human touch; practice mounting and dismounting; learning how to safely go, stop and turn left/right at the walk.  Once you can safely demonstrate these tasks, we can do a short trail ride time permitting.  Theoretically more experienced riders will progress faster and will have more time out of the ring if they choose.  If a couple people ask to ride together in the same appointment, the pace will be based on the least experienced rider.  If you don't want to go slower, you need to make a separate, private appointment for yourself.
*$80/person/hour of instruction.
* Very limited availability. 
Horsemanship and Hangout:
Enjoy the comradery and team spirit that comes with learning with a group of your peers.  Join us once a month for an hour of unmounted Horsemanship focused learning followed by an hour of Hanging out.  The learning hour is $20 per person and includes a second free hour complete with snacks at no additional charge.  (In order to cover additional insurance and expenses, non horsemanship members of the family may enjoy the snacks and skip the horsemanship for $10 per person with 24 hour notice).

Haul in and Off Site Lessons:

Haul in lessons/consultation are welcome but subject to scheduling.  Full price Haul in lessons already include a facility fee. 

I am happy to drive to your facility to teach you or a group based on the following rates:

OFF SITE Policy and Pricing:

.57 cents/mile plus expenses

1- 20 miles, 1 hr lesson minimum.

21-50 miles: 4 hour minimum

51+ miles 6 hour minimum


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