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Definitions of Levels

(See Pricing chart on pricing page):


I)  Intro Riders:  All students will start with private lessons and will stay in privates until they can demonstrate they are capable of steering a pattern safely, without assistance at the walk and rising trot. 

II)  Assisted Riders: Once students are ready to graduate to group lessons, they will be placed with a group of similar riders and, as necessary, part of their lesson includes supervised pre and post ride preparation.

III)  Independent Riders:  Eventually, a totally independent rider will arrive early, check the board for horse assignment and independently prep for their lesson so that their entire ride time is in the saddle.  These riders will also groom their horse and clean their equipment after their lesson independently.

IV)  Kinder Rides ($25 ea or 10 for $200) are short introductory rides for riders 6 and under.  They are intended to be an affordable, fun, not too serious mounted and/or un-mounted experience.  It is normal and healthy for a child to be reserved around the pony and it is our job to introduce them how to behave safely around horses and what behavior is normal to expect from a well behaved horse.  Some first meetings are spent just petting and brushing the pony while others are ready to get in that saddle and want to know when they get to jump!!!  Often children are mature for their age and want to stay longer and ride more.  If this is the case with your child you will want to sign up for regular ,longer, more serious lessons (see below pricing).  Regardless of age, when the kinder riders are ready to start steering, and learning to post trot, it will be discussed to graduate them to a regular lesson and/or the Vaulting program.

Vaulting Program:  $30 per session per rider.  Vaulting (Gymnastics,ballet and HORSES all in one!).  Fridays at 6pm.  Call ahead to reserve a spot.

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