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Lessons and Training


Here at Fairhaven, we believe in the well round horseman.  During inclement weather we still meet at our scheduled time and go over grooming, tacking, nutrition, veterinary care, show prep, tack selection and care, etc, appropriate for the level of the lesson.  Except for personal family emergency, cancelation requires 24 hour notice or lesson will be forfeited.

Pricing is for a 30 min Private, 45 min semi pvt, or 1 hour group or “Practice rides” for qualifying riders.  Practice rides are flat work, on site rides only. 

Definitions of Standard Levels age 7- Adult:

I)  Intro Riders:  All students will start with private lessons and will stay in privates until they can demonstrate they are capable of steering a pattern safely, without assistance at the walk and rising trot.

II)  Assisted Riders: Once students are ready to graduate to group lessons, they will be placed with a group of similar riders and, as necessary, part of their lesson includes supervised pre and post ride preparation.

III)  Independent Riders:  Eventually, a totally independent rider will arrive early, check the board for horse assignment and independently prep for their lesson so that their entire ride time is in the saddle.  These riders will also groom their horse and clean their equipment after their lesson independently.

Kinder Rides: are short introductory rides for riders 6 and under and resemble the 5 minute pony ride at the fair but are longer (20-30 min).  They are intended to be an affordable, fun, not too serious mounted and/or un-mounted experience.  It is normal and healthy for a child to be reserved around the pony and it is our job to introduce them how to behave safely around horses and what behavior is normal to expect from a well behaved horse.  Some first meetings are spent just petting and brushing the pony while others are ready to get in that saddle and want to know when they get to jump!!!  Often children are mature for their age and want to stay longer and ride more.  If this is the case with your child you will want to sign up for regular ,longer, more serious lessons (see below pricing).  Regardless of age, when the kinder riders are ready to start steering, and learning to post trot, it will be discussed to graduate them to a regular lesson and/or the Vaulting program.

GROUP FUN RIDE:  Age 5 up.  Mondays at 5:30pm. 

OFF SITE Policy and Pricing:

.57 cents/mile plus expenses within 20 miles, no minimum riders

21-50 miles: 4 hour minimum

51+ miles 6 hour minimum

*  Haul in Riders not taking a lesson:  $15 arena fee.  $25 Cross Country Course Fee. Pricing is per horse/rider combination. Haul in riders taking an arena lesson: Lesson fee includes Arena Fee.  XC lesson $10 extra.

*  College, High School and Jr High School Team riders require a one season commitment of 1 team lesson a week and 1 practice ride or lesson a week.  Payments can be spread out for team riders.  Contact Kimberly for details.

Show and Coaching Info:

 * Coaching at shows:  If I'm not competing, students will divide and share my food and hotel expenses plus $100/day minimum; $70/half day minimum or, with a group, $20 per phase/class per person, whichever is greater.  

Example: 3 people doing combined tests (2-phase) will walk and warm up loosely as a group.  

2 phases/$20 each = $40 per person.  3 people total $120 vs. $100 minimum.


If I'm competing I will pay for my own meals,  share hotel costs and count myself as a student in the division of expenses.

Price includes group course walks and warm ups, schedule permitting,

 * Horse Rental for shows Beginner-Training Dsg and ground pole courses:  $50/day $125/F-Sun.

 * Horse Rental for shows 1st and 2nd Level Dsg ; X-rails thru 2': $75/day $150 Fri-Sun

 * Horse Rental for shows 3rd and 4th Level Dsg:  2'3-2'9: $100/day or $200 Fri-Sun

 * Horse Rental for shows PSG -I-1 Dsg; 3' -3'6 $150/day or $250 Fri-Sun

 * Horse Rental for shows GP Dsg and above 3'6 $300/day.

 * Add’l Equipment or Show clothing rental:   $20/day or $50/F-Sun per item. Example: XC vest, or show coat, or Bridle


** Prices and Policies subject to change at the discretion of the owner **

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