Horse Training w/ basic board

Horse Training w/ basic board

Let us help you achieve your goals with your horse! I've been there, done that and can help you navigate around the most common pit falls that not only slow you down, but also cause you lost time and income.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Subscription Payment
$1,095.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • 1 month at a time

    This is for one month only and includes private turnout.  

  • Training policies

    Horse arrives appropriatly shod or trimmed, Coggins and vaccinations to last through their visit.  Halter, lead and any sheets/blankets all in good repair.  If you have a custom fitted saddle for them, you may leave it here for them.  Any flyspray, hoof treatment, Suppliments or meds must be supplied by owner.  Price does not include showing/clinics.  If owner wishes horse to be eventually integrated into a heard, horse may NOT have back shoes in case of kicking.

  • Extra Feed and Services available "A la Cart"

    Contact us for current pricing of extra feed (6 # per day already included).  No discount for no feed/limited grass as this requires specialized turn out.

    Owner responsible for 1 suppliment (multiple supplements must be through Smartpak)

    Owner responsibe for farrier and holding, vet, dewormer, coggins, fly spray, etc.

  • Late Fee(s)

    Training is due before or on first day of arrival.  Farrier, Vet and other mutually agreed upon expenses must be paid before the end of each month they were incurred.  If you are late there is a $5/day late fee.  In the event you cannont pay your bills you agree to having your horse held as collateral until your old and upcoming bills are paid.  After 60 days you agree that horse may be sold by Fairhaven Farm to pay said depts.

  • Unpaid bills

    Horse will be held and boarded at owners expense until all unpaid bills are paid to Fairhaven, Vet and farrier.  After 60 days of unpaid bills, horse will be considered abondoned and Fairhaven will sell in order to recoup unpaid bills +10% standard sales commission.  Any remaining amount after bills and commmission will go to owner.

  • Emergency Care

    In the event of an emergency, Fairhaven or its representative will use your contact information to reach you so you can come to the farm and care for your horse however you see fit.  Fairhaven staff is not medically trained and does not offer medical services ESPECIALLY not emergency services.  In the event we cannot reach you, please add an alternate contact (preferable with Equine experiece) who you authorize to make decisions on your behalf.  

    If neither you or this person is able to be reached, you authorize Fairhaven Farm to contact a local veternarian on your behalf for emergency services and agree to pay for services rendered.

    Basic care from Fairhaven Staff like hand walking and cold hosing is $15/hour schedule permitting 730am-730pm and $30/hour 7:31pm-7:29am.